EDI Standards Implementation

Interdata can assist in the use of standard ANSI X12 and/or UN-EDIFACT messages for EDI-enabled applications. The right choice of transactions sets, subsets, and elements can be crucial to EDI success. The interpretation and mapping of trading partner Implementation Guidelines require experience and skill. Interdata's experienced personnel can help you sort out the maze and save precious time and money

Map development and customization

Templar has many experienced mappers to help you customize and test your maps according to your trading partners’ specifications and internal applications. We can customize maps on most commercial mappers including: Gentran, Inovis, Mercator, Softshare, and Zipper. Of course, in the case of Zipper maps can be exported and executed in numerous platforms with runtime licenses of Zipper-T- no need to buy Zipper-D, the mapper. This can translate into substantial savings, particularly if you only need to implement a few transactions. We can help you develop, customize, or test any map on any platform.

Integration with applications

To reap the benefits of EDI, companies must automate human intensive tasks such as data entry, paper handling, faxes, etc. Integration of EDI data with existing applications is essential to reduce costs and errors. Yet, many technical and practical issues prevent EDI enabled firms from achieving such automation. Interdata offers a strategy plus as a complete suite of products and services to facilitate EDI integration

Vendor Implementation Programs (V.I.P.)

Interdata offers complete Trading Partner Kits ready to help jumpstart or expand your EDI programs. Kits include all the necessary standards, maps, and communications tools to EDI-enable hundreds of trading partners at once with multiple transaction sets including: 850, 860, 810, and 820. Buy a corporate license and distribute the kits freely to all your trading partners, or post them in our Web Site for immediate download and activation. Click here or fill in the form below to receive more information about our various VIP kits and corporate licenses.


1. EDI 101
2. Introduction to data mapping
3. Advanced data mapping
4. Workflow optimization and integration with applications
5. EDI Project Management

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