Zipper Translation System

Converting files has never been easier. Simply place your files on the Inbox folder and click on the Zipper button, that's it. Your converted files will appear in the Outbox folder.

Map Libraries are created, edited and compiled with our ZIPPER-D Mapper then deployed stand-alone to any production platform with our ZIPPER translation engine. Each library contains all the necessary maps and standards to convert EDI transactions. Pre-configured map libraries are available for certain industries and trading partners.

Download a free copy of ZIPPER to start converting files right away. This innovative tool is extremely easy to install and use. Become EDI enabled instantly and free of charge. You can always upgrade to a more powerful version later.

Available Versions

  • Lite (1 Map Library - Single User)
  • Desktop (Multiple Map Libraries - Single User)
  • Server (Multiple Map Libraries - Multiple Users)

Transform data into whatever format required

  • Any format: X12, EDIFACT, CSV, XML, TXT, SAP, SQL.
  • Integrate output directly to your applications.
  • Translator can run stand alone or integrated with Templar.
  • Translates any file size with lightning speed.
  • Mapper and Translator work independent of each other.
  • Develop/test maps on Windows without disrupting your production environment.
  • Deploy translator and maps to any platform, no need for mapper or standards tables in production.
  • Distribute �kits� to your trading partners with: pre-configured, maps and translator.

  • Powerful map development tool to handle sophisticated mapping requirements
  • Windows GUI-drag-and-drop environment to ease map construction, edit, and maintenance
  • Supports external codes and table lookups
  • Handles multiple input and output files to meet most business needs including: CSV, EDI, FLAT-FILE, HIPAA, SAP, SQL, TXT, and XML
  • Generates SQL statements for direct data base integration
  • Powerful map edit and testing facilities
  • Create, Test & Compile stand-alone “Map Libraries”
  • Deploy Map Libraries and Translation Engine to any platform or production environment
  • Translation Engine is an API (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate integration
  • Distribute API and Maps Libraries to trading partners for instant EDI enablement

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